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Eijgendaal & van Romondt

FVB de Boer and EvR join forces

FVB de Boer, launched by José de Boer in 1997, has grown enormously thanks to

house crisis in the Netherlands

Housing crisis is top of the political agenda

Still looking to buy a house in Amsterdam or anywhere else in the Netherlands? It’s

Interest rates are rising, so should you wait to buy a house in the Netherlands?

It’s still top of your list of things to do – buy a house in

remodel bathroom

Can’t find a new home to buy? Redo your bathroom instead

With the housing market expected to remain tight for the coming year, why not invest

The National Mortgage Guarantee makes good sense

The Nationale Hypotheek Garantie is a very Dutch thing – in fact it is the

A home of your own

This summer the Netherlands’ main financial newspaper ran an article highlighting the fact that expats

houses amsterdam

How to buy a house in the Netherlands?

As it seems you’re thinking of buying yourself a house in the Netherlands and we’re


Buying an apartment in the Netherlands? Then you can’t avoid the VvE

When you buy an apartment in the Netherlands, one of your monthly payments you will

Why you might need insurance to protect your income

It’s not something most people like to think about – but if you find yourself

There is good news for home buyers in 2021

House prices in the Netherlands may still be going up, but there is good news

Bidding on a house without a finance clause

When buying a house in The Netherlands you probably need to get a mortgage. I’m

Facing corona-related financial problems? Help is at hand

Facing corona-related financial problems? Help is at hand

Whether you are a large or small business owner, a freelancer or on a permanent

Social investment

A time for social investment

The role of financial advisor is a responsible one at the best of times. People

buying a house in the netherlands

Yes, now is a good time to buy a house

Scarcely a day goes by without another report appearing in the press about problems in

A few ground rules about ground rent

Some 200,000 homes in private hands in Amsterdam are built on land owned by the


How to make your own home work for you when you retire

Expats home owners who have chosen to settle permanently in the Netherlands, or who have

Buy-to-let: What do you need to think about?

With the property market still booming, one thing I am often asked by clients is

Annuity mortgage

What is an annuity mortgage? An annuity mortgage (or repayment mortgage) is a mortgage whereby

What type of Dutch mortgages are available?

If you are looking to stay in the Netherlands for some time, you may be

What are the steps to buying a house in the Netherlands?

Buying a house in the Netherlands is an option that is open to all, which

Linear Mortgage

What is a linear mortgage? A linear mortgage is a mortgage whereby you pay a

What are the requirements to getting a mortgage in the Netherlands?

Buying a house is always a complicated process. When buying a house in the Netherlands,

What insurances are mandatory in the Netherlands?

If you are planning to move to the Netherlands, you will need to organize some

What tax benefits are there when buying a house?

Only the thought of filling in the annual tax return gets most people feeling uncomfortable.

Buying a house in the Netherlands: Is it just a dream or an achievable goal?

Are you an expat in the Netherlands or Dutch citizen living abroad? Buying and financing

The challenge of getting a mortgage in the Netherlands with a foreign salary

The Netherlands has always been a very internationally oriented country, as the Dutch could not

ICP survey: Quality of your Professional Life

The International Community Platform* (ICP) aims at increasing the attractiveness of the working and living

German bank sets foot on Dutch soil

In January 2013 Holland’s third big bank, SNS, was nationalised overnight. This secured the savings

Professional Oath

On April 23th José took a Professional Oath for Financial Consultants: I solemnly swear/promise, That

Transfer Tax and the Dutch Housing Market

Transfer Tax is tax payable when becoming the legal or economic owner of a property,

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