How are we paid?

To provide our services, our office must incur costs. Because we are not permitted to accept any commission for a large number of products from the providers of these products, we come to an agreement with you that you will pay for the advice, mediation and any follow-up care we provide in respect of these products directly to us. In our guide to services you will find general information concerning the average level of costs for our services.

Before we begin our activities for you, we reach agreement with you on precisely what activities we will perform on your behalf and concerning the fee we will charge to you for providing these services. This fee can be based on an hourly rate. We can also perform certain activities for you for a fixed rate. It is also possible for us to come to an agreement with you to the effect that you will pay an amount for a certain period that entitles you to certain, predefined services during that period.

Internal payment policy

Finally, we inform you about the fact that all of our employees earn a fixed salary that is in no way related to turnover, commission received or to any recommended product. This is an extra measure we have taken to make it clear to all parties involved that our advice is completely independent and impartial. The other provisions of article 1:120 paragraph 2 WFT do not apply to our company.

Want To Know More?

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