The mortgage process

We will support you throughout the entire process, even after you sign the paperwork. Here’s how it works:

During our initial meeting, we will discuss your wishes, current situation, and future goals. We will provide you with information on the necessary steps, costs, and what you can expect from us. We will then begin the initial paperwork, create a client profile, and advise you on the available suitable products.

  • After you have chosen a mortgage option, we will handle interactions with the bank, the property appraisal, and any insurance needs you may have. We will review the paperwork and ensure that you have all the necessary information. We will also be on hand to answer questions and give advice.
  • After you have purchased your property, we can advise you on tax breaks, and administer any changes to your personal circumstances or those of your property.

Mortgage Advisors

At FVB de Boer, we have established good working relationships with a number of Dutch banks to help you realize your dream property.

Home Insurance

FVB de Boer helps you to secure your property with building and fire insurance or home contents insurance for the short or long term.

How to find a mortgage advisor in the Netherlands

When searching for a mortgage advisor in the Netherlands, it is important to find someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in working with expats. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Look for a mortgage advisor who is registered with the Dutch Financial Markets Authority (AFM) and the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). These regulatory bodies ensure that advisors adhere to strict guidelines and provide high-quality service.
  • Consider advisors who have a track record of working with expats. They will have a better understanding of the unique challenges and needs of expat borrowers.
  • Ask for referrals from friends, colleagues, or other expats who have successfully obtained a mortgage in the Netherlands.

FVB de Boer: your expert mortgage advisor in the Netherlands

At FVB de Boer, we are committed to helping expats find the right mortgage for them. Would you like more information about our expat mortgage services? Ring +31 70 5118788 or use the contact form to get in touch. You can also pop into one of our offices if you live nearby – we will put the coffee on!

Frequently asked questions about mortgages

Which mortgage suits the expat best, depends on his/her lifestyle and personal circumstances.

With some Dutch mortgages, you have to start paying off the loan immediately along with the interest, whereas other mortgage types allow you to postpone repayments and only pay the interest instead.

In 2013 there were some important changes in the way mortgages are taxed, and therefor nowadays the only types of mortgages that are still eligible for the interest tax deduction (renteaftrek) are the annuities and linear mortgage models, whereby the loan needs to be repaid within 30 years via monthly repayments.

Alternative Dutch mortgage models are mainly variations on annuities and linear mortgages. However, if you take out one of these mortgage forms, you may no longer be entitled to mortgage tax relief.

Types of mortgages:

  • Annuities mortgage (annuïteitenhypotheek)
  • Linear mortgage (lineaire hypotheek)

In order to quickly assess the feasibility of you getting a mortgage and the an indication of the amount you can borrow we would need the following information:

  • A recent salary slip (or one each if you are both working)
  • Do you have any loans or other financial obligations
  • What are your savings and/or other assets
  • It will be necessary nowadays to put a modest amount of your own cash into the house/mortgage. What amount would you prefer to put in as down payment?

We decided not to put a mortgage calculator on our website.

This because of the reason that we have noticed that the exact maximum mortgage amount is often different than calculated with the different mortgage calculators.

Just give us a call and we will make the exact mortgage calculations for you free of charge.

The maximum mortgage depends on numerous things:

  • Mortgage rules of the mortgage provider
  • How the income is calculated
  • If you have the 30% ruling you can often have a higher loan
  • If you have complete tax exemption in The Netherlands

So, if you really want to know the maximum mortgage, please feel free to contact our specialized expat mortgage advisors.

We can tell you what all of your possibilities are, and how much the maximum mortgage is.

The time it takes to have a mortgage application approved differs a lot per client and per mortgage provider. Therefor it is hard to say within which time frame the mortgage is arranged, but since we work really quickly it can be as fast as within one week. But typically the complete process of arranging an mortgage should take somewhere between 2-4 weeks.

Activities conducted by FVB De Boer in arranging a suitable mortgage:

  • Discuss your (financial) situation and draw up a more detailed overview.
  • Analyze your personal financial situation, your knowledge and experience with mortgages, your objectives and willingness to take risks.
  • Discuss the existing mortgage structures and explain your maximum mortgage and the monthly mortgage payments involved.
  • Assess the affordability of the mortgage payments in the event of occupational disability, unemployment or death.
  • Advise on the most suitable mortgage structure, repayment method and how to cover risks. The advisory report includes calculations.
  • Discuss and explain the advice given by our office and answer any questions you might have.
  • Apply for offers with available banks.
  • Verify/compare offers and advise on the best propositions.
  • If necessary, arrange to have your house valued.
  • Arrange for a bank guarantee to be issued, if applicable.
  • Collect and screen the documents required to effect the mortgage.
  • If necessary, discuss once more the recommended financial products.
  • Maintain contact with the bank(s) in order to reach a final agreement on the intended mortgage.
  • Maintain contact with the civil-law notary until date of transfer.
  • Check the civil-law notary’s preliminary completion statement and communicate corrections., but in most cases after we have we should be able to secure you mortgage within .

After-sales service

Our after-sales service includes the activities which we are expected to perform by virtue of the Financial Services Act. It basically means that we will inform you about any significant (legislative) changes in your financial products. If additional advice is required, then we will charge you an hourly rate of € 150 (exempt from VAT). This hourly rate will be invoiced if after arranging the mortgage, you need our (extensive) advice on the insurance required in order to hedge any risks you might be facing in case of occupational disability, unemployment or death.


Any relevant changes in your personal circumstances that would have an impact on your financial situation, we need to be informed about as soon as possible.

Mortgage conditions are of great importance. Make sure they fit you optimally, now and in the future. Always make sure a professional takes a look at them.

Things you have always have to take into consideration:

  • Whether and when it is possible to make extra repayments?
  • Are there any fines when doing extra repayments?
  • Can you register your mortgage for a higher amount. This in order to make it easier to borrow extra money in the future for future renovations?
  • Is it possible to take the mortgage with you when you move to another house?

We call that a ‘moving arrangement’ (verhuisregeling). This can be of great benefit to you in the future. Not every mortgage has a moving arrangement.


Mortgage providers can offer you an advantage, basic or budget mortgage at a lower interest rate. But beware: the stripped-down conditions may cost you money in the future

Have a different question? Have a look on our FAQ page

Want to know more?

As professional expat mortgage advisors, we provide you with customized advice to fit your personal circumstances. Would you like more information about our mortgage advice and how we can help you? Then call us on +31 70 5118788 or use the contact form to get in touch. You can also pop into one of our offices if you live nearby – we’ll put the coffee on!