How We Work

Each client is unique in our eyes. Generally speaking, we serve our clients in the areas of mortgages, investments and insurance policies as follows:

  • We take an inventory of our client’s wishes and what is possible for them;
  • We provide advice on possible solutions through which the client can realise these wishes. We base this advice on our knowledge of the products provided by a number of financial institutions with whom we regularly work. The advice we give is impartial and free of outside influence;
  • We arrange the contacts between the client and the financial institution from whom the client is considering purchasing a financial product;
  • We assist the client after his or her purchase of the desired financial product. This assistance consists of answering general questions concerning the product in question. We also assist our clients when they wish to make changes to this product.


Our office is completely independent when giving advice. That is to say, we have no contractual obligation of any kind to advise you to choose the financial products of certain lenders or insurers. Periodically, we make a selection of the financial products that banks, wealth managers and insurance companies provide. When doing this, we do work with a number of preferred providers. But we determine for ourselves who they will be. At your request, we will tell you with which providers we do more or less intensive business.

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José de Boer
Financial Advisor