Home Insurance in the Netherlands

Taking out a home insurance in the Netherlands is not a legal requireement but it is worth considering regardless of whether you are a home owner or a tenant. But what kind of policy do you need, and where can you go to purchase it? Find out on our page.

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Home insurance in the Netherlands

The specific insurance requirements for your home in the Netherlands will vary depending on whether you are a homeowner or a tenant. Homeowners are required to have insurance coverage for their property to protect against unforeseen risks such as fire, theft, severe weather, and flooding. This type of insurance is known as “opstalverzekering” in Dutch.

For apartment owners, joint policies are often arranged either through the owners’ association or independently. This type of insurance is mandatory in the Netherlands, as it is required by mortgage providers.

To protect the contents of your home, you will need to a separate contents insurance policy (known as “inboedelverzekering” in Dutch). This applies to both homeowners and tenants, as they will not be covered by the landlord’s insurance policy. We can provide expert guidance on the various coverage options available and help you determine the best fit for your individual needs. While contents insurance is not mandatory, it is highly recommended and typically very affordable.

Additional home insurances

If you own valuable items that require special coverage, you may be able to take out supplementary protection for high-value items such as jewelry, works or art, or electronics. Note: Expensive items may not be covered by insurance from your home country once they have been taken out of the country.


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It is compulsory in case you will have an NHG mortgage which is a mortgage with National Mortgage Guarantee. In most other cases it is not. That does not mean it is not advisable though. It will be included in our advice based on your personal situation.

A life insurance is a straightforward product. It covers a certain amount within a certain period of time and will pay out if the insured person deceases within this period of coverage. It can cover 2 lives or just one, all depending on the situation. It can be pledged to a mortgage if so required or desired.

It is calculated based on height of coverage, age, health and there is also a difference in premium between smokers and non-smokers (smokers will get a higher premium).

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