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When looking for home insurance in the Netherlands, much depends on your personal situation. The insurance experts at FVB de Boer Financial Consultants can help you decide which policies you need.

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Home insurance in the Netherlands

The specific insurance requirements for your home in the Netherlands depend on whether you are a homeowner or a tenant. Homeowners are required to have insurance coverage to protect against unforeseen risks such as fire, theft and severe weather. This type of insurance is known as opstalverzekering in Dutch and is mandatory. 

If you own an apartment this insurance will be arranged through your homeowners association, or Vereningen van Eigenaren. 

To protect the contents of your home, you will need a separate insurance policy, known as inboedelverzekering in Dutch. This applies to both homeowners and tenants, as they will not be covered by the landlord’s insurance policy. 

Two steps to getting the best home insurance

Step 1: Check out the market. Read up on what is currently available in terms of home insurance in the Netherlands and what you might need. Is flooding likely to be an issue in your area, for example? 

Step 2: Find an insurance advisor you feel comfortable with and who is experienced in dealing with the specific needs of expats. Ask friends or colleagues for advice or make an appointment with one of FVB de Boer’s team of experts.  

Additional home insurance

If you own valuable items that require special coverage, you may want to take out supplementary protection to cover jewelry, works of art, or electronics. Be aware that expensive items may not be covered by insurance from your home country once they have been taken out of the country.

Where we operate

We operate nationwide. Whether you live in Amsterdam, The Hague or Rotterdam, or in that little village in Limburg,  our experts can help answer your insurance questions. We understand the insurance market across the country and the specific needs of its expat population. 

Tailor-made financial advice

Whether you have just bought a new home, or are a tenant, we can help you get the best home insurance to suit your needs. Contact us to make an appointment.


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