Home Insurance in the Netherlands

Your exact home insurance requirements in the Netherlands will depend on whether you are a homeowner or a tenant. If you own your own home, you will need to insure the building against unforeseen risks including fire, burglary, extreme weather, and flooding (in Dutch: opstalverzekering). For apartments, often owners have a joint policy, arranged by themselves or through an owners’ association. This house insurance is not only recommended, but compulsory in the Netherlands, since it is required by your mortgage provider.

To insure the contents of your home, you will need to take out a separate content insurance (in Dutch: inboedelverzekering). This applies to both homeowners and people renting a property, as they will not be covered under any content insurance that the landlord may have. Let us advise you on the various options that are available and what will fit best to your personal situation. This so called inboedel insurance is not compulsory, but is highly recommended and also quite affordable.


Residential Building Insurance

Household Content Insurance

Typically covers damage caused by:

  • Fire, lightning, storm, and rain
  • Burglary, theft, and vandalism
  • Water, steam, oil, explosions
  • Leaking or frozen pipes


Typically covers damage or loss relating to:

  • Furniture and furnishings
  • Personal possessions, valuables, electronics, and cash
  • Replacement locks and keys
  • Items in your garden or garage

Additional home insurances

In addition, you may have certain valuable items that need special cover. Some insurance providers offer additional coverage for particularly valuable pieces such as jewelry, works of art, or electronics, which exceed the single value item in your normal content policy. Don’t rely on insurance that you may still have in your own country, as items taken abroad will likely no longer be covered once you take them abroad.


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It is compulsory in case you will have an NHG mortgage which is a mortgage with National Mortgage Guarantee. In most other cases it is not. That does not mean it is not advisable though. It will be included in our advice based on your personal situation.

A life insurance is a straightforward product. It covers a certain amount within a certain period of time and will pay out if the insured person deceases within this period of coverage. It can cover 2 lives or just one, all depending on the situation. It can be pledged to a mortgage if so required or desired.

It is calculated based on height of coverage, age, health and there is also a difference in premium between smokers and non-smokers (smokers will get a higher premium).

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