Expat Mortgages in The Netherlands

At De Boer Financial Consultants we understand the hurdles expats face when buying a property in the Netherlands. Whether you are buying a house in Amsterdam, The Hague or anywhere else in the Netherlands, we can help you get the mortgage you need.


Home insurances in The Netherlands

Homeowners in the Netherlands have at least two types of insurance: opstalverzekering which covers damage to your property and inboedelverzekering, which covers the contents. We can advise you on the options and what will best fit your personal situation. We specialize in home insurance.

Our services for expats

FVB de Boer is a leading international broker of expatriate financial services and products and, financial advice. Our advisors help expats in the Netherlands and abroad with mortgages, pensions, investment management, savings, taxes, insurance, and more.

Mortgage advisors

At FVB de Boer, we have established good working relationships with several Dutch banks to help you buy your dream home.

Home Insurance

FVB de Boer can help you find the appropriate building and fire insurance, as well as contents insurance, for the short or long term.

What our clients say

About De Boer Financial Consultants

The FVB De Boer Consultants’ team all have their own specialities and understand the specific financial problems expats encounter while living abroad. As a personal boutique office, we can help you find the right mortgage, investment plan and insurance.

Why de Boer Financial Consultants?

  • Local expertise
  • Personal tailored advice
  • Completely independent from financial providers
  • Fast and efficient service
  • Specialised in working with expats, non-residents and foreign income clients

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