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FVB De Boer team

De Boer Financial Consultants was founded by José de Boer 25 years ago and from day one the focus has been on helping clients from an international background with their financial issues here in The Netherlands.

At FVB De Boer we all have our own specialities but we share a thorough understanding of the hurdles expats can encounter while living abroad. As a boutique office, we are able to offer tailor-made advice and expertise, whether for a mortgage, an investment plan or insurance.

Each client is unique in our eyes and needs financial solutions tailored to their specific needs and wants. We serve our clients in the areas of mortgages, investments and insurance policies as follows.

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José de Boer FVB de Boer

José de Boer
Financial Advisor

José de Boer was born in The Hague. She is married and mother of three adult children. She is most passionate about animals and animal welfare. José founded De Boer Financial Consultants 25 years ago and from day one the focus has been on helping clients from an international background with their financial issues here in The Netherlands. Furthermore, she is a big fan of Feyenoord, she rarely misses a home game.

José van den Akker FVB de Boer

José van den Akker
Financial Advisor
Office Manager

José van den Akker was born in the south of The Netherlands. Is married and has two children. In her spare time she likes to sing (in a choir). She has joined De Boer Financial Consultants 18 years ago and has since then been active in her role as office manager and as part of the back office, making sure that our clients get the very best service and feel “worry-free”.

Rienk FvB de Boer

Rienk van Oostrum
Financial Advisor
Mortgage specialist

Rienk van Oostrum was born and raised in Montfoort. He is married and has 3 children. He has over 20 years’ experience in the mortgage business. In 2011 he was responsible for introducing a German bank on the Dutch market. He is an allrounder and prefers a case with a challenge, helping and servicing his client on the highest level.

Chiel FvB de Boer

Chiel Versteege
Financial Advisor
Investment specialist

Chiel enjoys live together with his girlfriend and two young children just north of Amsterdam in the picturesque village of Landsmeer. Born in Amsterdam and a big fan of AJAX, he rarely misses a home game. He loves to play tennis every week and is always busy with his other passion: investing.  Chiel is the youngest of the team, but the most experienced in investing which he has been doing since the age of 17.

Rogier FVB de Boer

Rogier van Weerd

FVB de Boer Heidi


Trainee security officer

Our newest employee, charged with the difficult task of ultimately following in Heidi’s footsteps. Very cute but you can already see his talent for security work, although the training process is sometimes accompanied by collateral damage.

Heidi FVB de Boer


Security Officer

After being born in Spain, and an unfortunate childhood she finally found her destiny in Wassenaar. She is always present to take the appropriate security measures, and she might seem a little restless from time to time. But once you know her well, she is just adorable and always wants to cuddle.





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    Our Services

    FVB de Boer is a leading international broker of expatriate financial services, products, and financial advice. Our financial advisors help expats in the Netherlands and abroad with mortgages, pensions, managing of investments, regular savings, taxes, insurances, and much more. Within this website, we provide information on the areas we cover and the specialist nature of what we do.

    Mortgage Advisors

    At FVB de Boer, we have established good working relationships with a number of Dutch banks to help you realize your dream property.

    Home Insurance

    FVB de Boer helps you to secure your property with building and fire insurance or home contents insurance for the short or long term.

    Dutch Taxes For Expats

    Let FVB de Boer guide you in understanding the basics of the Dutch tax system, including the 30% rule, exempt property abroad and much more.

    Investment Management

    Managing your investments as an expat is a top priority at FVB de Boer. We pride ourselves on being safe, knowledgeable and flexible.

    Buy-To-Let Mortgages

    Buying an apartment or home to rent out can be a good investment. FVB de Boer can arrange mortgages for expats to buy property.