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Our mortgage advisors in the Netherlands have a long track record of working with expats. They understand the unique needs of expat borrowers and the challenges they face. Our track record is second to none. We have been helping international workers get a mortgage in the Netherlands and with other financial issues since 1998. Get in touch for your options.

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Why use FVB de Boer?

We are registered with both the Dutch Financial Markets Authority (AFM) and the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). These regulatory bodies ensure that our advisors adhere to strict guidelines and provide high-quality service.

Our mortgage advisors have a long track record of working with expats. They understand the unique needs of expat borrowers and the challenges they face. 

What types of mortgage can you choose from?

At FVB de Boer, our mortgage advisors are committed to helping expats find the right mortgage for them. Much depends on the expat’s lifestyle, career plans and personal circumstances.

With some Dutch mortgages, you have to start paying off the loan immediately along with the interest. Other types allow you to postpone repayments and only pay the interest instead. 

Only two types of mortgage are eligible for mortgage tax relief – the annuity and the linear mortgage. With both these mortgages, the loan needs to be repaid within 30 years via monthly repayments.

Locations: where to buy?

FVB de Boer works for expats across the Netherlands, with offices in Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. We understand the housing market in the big Dutch cities and know what pitfalls you should watch out for. 

Looking to buy an apartment in Amsterdam? We can help sort out your finances. Planning to move to a new home in The Hague? Our experts can help you roll your mortgage forward. Ready to set up house in Rotterdam? We’ll help you make the most of your money.

No matter where you want to buy a home in the Netherlands, we can help you get the mortgage you need. 

Five steps to finding your dream home

Everyone can buy a house in the Netherlands and there are no restrictions on expats. Be aware, however, that the costs associated with buying a home can add up to around 6% of the purchase price, so we usually only recommend buying if you plan to stay for at least three years. 

Step 1: Get to know the market
Check out what is available online, using websites such as Walk around the neighbourhoods you like to get the feel of the place. 

Step 2: Decide what is important to you
Ask yourself what you want from your dream Dutch home. Do you want a garden or a balcony? Do you plan to work from home a lot and need an office? Is quick access to the airport important?

Step 3: Find an estate agent (makelaar)
If this is your first home purchase in the Netherlands, we really do recommend you sign up with an estate agent. It is usual for the seller and the buyer to each have their own makelaar, who will negotiate on their behalf. Ask friends and colleagues who they would recommend or look for an agent who is specialised in the neighbourhoods you would like to live in. 

Step 4: Think about the money
Dutch mortgages are capped at 100% of the property value and you will need to budget in an extra 5% to 6% for fees. If you are a couple, both partners’ incomes are taken into account when working out how much you can borrow. 

Step 5: Go to a mortgage advisor
It is sensible to sign up with a mortgage advisor before you agree to  purchase so that you are ready to move quickly when the paperwork is signed. Our experts understand the pressure of buying a home in a foreign country and are always on hand to help. 

Ready for the next step?

Contact us for more information about how much you can borrow and what the best mortgage would be for your needs.


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