Professional Oath

Professional Oath FVB de Boer

On April 23th José took a Professional Oath for Financial Consultants:

I solemnly swear/promise,
That I shall faithfully discharge my duties to the best of my knowledge.
That I shall carefully consider all the interests involved in the company, including those of the clients, shareholders, employees and the society in which the company operates.
That in considering matters,  I shall focus attention on the clients’ interests informing them to the best of my knowledge and ability.
That I shall observe the laws, regulations and codes of conduct that apply to me.
That I shall maintain secrecy concerning the information entrusted to me.
That I shall never improperly use the knowledge that I have.
That I shall adopt a transparent and verifiable attitude and I that am well familiar with my social responsibility.
That I shall invest best efforts to protect and promote faith in the financial sector.
So help me God!