Buying a house in The Hague: Essential knowledge for expats

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Why buy a house in The Hague?

If you are living in rented accommodation in The Hague, you’ve probably realised it is costing you a small fortune and that is money you would be better off putting into a home of your own. As a rule of thumb, if you are planning to live in the Netherlands for more than three years, it makes good financial sense to buy instead of rent.

As the Netherlands’ seat of government, The Hague has a wide variety of property and residential areas to suit all tastes and pockets. It also offers a packed cultural agenda, world-class museums and galleries and is close to the beach for that afterwork swim or sundowner overlooking the sea.  

Try the Centrum neighbourhood if you are after a lively, city vibe or the Haagse Hout, which stretches  to the neighbouring town of Wassenaar if you want green spaces on your doorstep.  The Hague is well connected to the rest of the country by train and road as well as excellent public transport links. 

How we work: five steps to your dream home

Step 1: Find out how much you can borrow

The experts at FVB de Boer Financial Consultants can help you work out how much you can borrow and how much you are likely to need in other costs – such as legal fees. Once you have this information to hand, you can start really looking. In addition, The Hague real estate market is fast moving, so it is wise to be ready to sign a mortgage contract as soon as you find the perfect place.

Step 2: Find an estate agent (makelaar)

If this is your first home buy in The Hague, we really do recommend you sign up with an estate agent who knows the local market well. It is usual for the seller and the buyer to each have their own makelaar, who will negotiate on their behalf. Ask friends and colleagues who they would recommend or look for an agent who is specialised in the neighbourhoods you would like to live in.

Step 3: Start looking

Now is the time to start scoping out the market and seeing what is out there, and what you can afford. Keep your makelaar in the loop and visit as many places as you can. If you find somewhere that feels right, walk around the neighbourhood to get a feel of the area. Think about the negative sides of the property as well as the positive. Will not having a balcony or a second bedroom really be a problem? 

Step 4: Agree the deal

Once you’ve agreed the deal, you and the seller will sign a pre-sale agreement (koopovereenkomst) or provisional contract (voorlopig contract). Then you need to finalise your mortgage. FVB de Boer will handle communication with the bank, property appraisal, and insurance requirements.

Step 5: Sign the paperwork

All the legal paperwork related to your sale, is carried out by a notary, an impartial lawyer, who specialises in real estate transactions. Our mortgage experts can help you find one. If you don’t speak Dutch, you will also need a translator to act on your behalf.

Our financial services

FVB de Boer is a leading international broker of expatriate financial services and products and financial advice. Our advisors help expats in the Netherlands and abroad with mortgages, pensions, investment management, savings, taxes, insurance, and more.

Why use FvB de Boer Financial Consultants? 

Our mortgage advisors have a long track record of working with expats. We have been helping international workers get a mortgage to buy real estate in The Hague since 1998. 

Our office is completely independent. We have no contractual obligation of any kind to advise you to choose the financial products of certain lenders or insurers. We do work with a number of preferred providers but we decide who they are. So you can be sure we put your interests first.

We are registered with both the Dutch Financial Markets Authority (AFM) and the Dutch Central Bank (DNB). These regulatory bodies ensure that our advisors adhere to strict guidelines and provide high-quality service – for your peace of mind.

Contact us to find out how our mortgage advisors can help you buy the right home for your needs in The Hague. 

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