We would really appreciate, if you could give us a review at this website, which is designed for helping people find a good financial advisor.

Unfortunately the website is in Dutch, and no English version is available. Therefore we’ve made a little tutorial explaining how to navigate through this Dutch website and how to leave your English review.

Hint: if you want to see any of the pictures in this review enlarged, click on them and a larger version will show.

First Step: Visit the website at


You will now have reached the screen you can see above. In the box identified with a 1, fill in the year and month you have received financial advice from our office.

In the box identified with by the number 2, type ” financieel voorlichtingsbureau de boer “.

The website will now search all listed offices and present a list of offices matching your search query, as seen below.


Choose “Financieel Voorlichtingsbureau de Boer”, as indicated above as number 1.

In the picture beneath, the question 2 reads: “In which situation did this office offered you advise?”
The possible options are (listed a to f):

  • a: Purchase of first house (starter)
  • b: Purchase of a new/different house
  • c: Increasing your mortgage (e.g. for a renovation)
  • d: Transferring your mortgage
  • e: expiration of a fixed interest period
  • f: other


Tick the box of the answer applicable to your situation and please proceed to question 3.

Question 3 reads: “Will you recommend this office to your friends or colleagues?”

You have to give an answer on a scale of zero to ten. Zero being very unlikely, and ten being very likely.

Question 4 reads: describe your experience in keywords (max. 50 characters)

Question 5 reads: explain your answer at question 4 (min. 50 characters, max. 1000 characters)

Image-6 (1)

Question 6: State your name

Question 7: Do you want your name to be displayed on the site? For ‘yes’ choose the answer at ‘a’ , for ‘no’ choose the answer at ‘b’.

Question 8 and 9: Give your e-mail address, and repeat it for validation.

Image-7 (1)

At number 10(above): Press this button to submit your review.

Final step: validate the review by clicking on the link in the e-mail you have just received. The e-mail will look like the one shown below. Please click on the link in your e-mail, which resembles the link inside the red square below.

Image-8 (1)

Thank you for leaving a review!